Do you want to know how to get a bigger butt? Almost every woman has one thing she’d like to change about herself. For you, it might be to get a bigger, rounder and tighter butt. An ample and shapely behind is the ultimate sign of femininity and women all over are trying to get a bigger butt for a multitude of reasons. A bigger butt would mean to you – more confidence and more attention from the opposite sex.

how to get a bigger butt

If you want to have a big butt, you need to go through stated below points:

  • If you really want to enhance your physical beauty, then you need to focus on exercises. Exercises help great in getting desired physical shape. So if you apply this health improvement habit, then you can simply shape your body parts according to your requirements. You must consult with a reputed trainer before going to do any type of exercise.
  • If you don’t want to do exercises and don’t want go under surgery operation, then you need to fake a bigger bum. Today, you can simply find lots of booty enhancing clothes such astighter trousers, bra, skirts, underwear and more. These types of dresses create an illusion of big-sized butt. Do you know that it is the fastest way to have a bigger size back?. It is a temporary way to fake a bigger booty and it is recommended for old-aged women.
  • The best way to get a desired physical shape is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is an expensive way to get a big-sized booty. If you want to get a bigger butt fast, plastic surgery is the best way to go with. So if you have planned to go for plastic surgery, then you need to consult a medical practitioner. Plastic surgery is a good option to enhance your physical beauty but it doesn’t mean that it works great on everyone. You must consult with your doctor before making a final decision.
  • Your butt is one of the parts of your whole body. It means you need to focus on your overall physical health if you want to have a healthy butt. Needless to say that a good health can be achieved by healthy food. You must choose healthy diet and you need to choose diet that helps you getting a desired bum size. Remember to include lots of healthy stuff in your regular diet.

What things can you use to play up the illusion?

  • There are actually bras made for your fanny instead of your breasts. Like push up bras, these bras which you wear on your hips provide you with that extra lift to give you what nature didn’t. These bras usually hook in around the front with straps that run under your butt cheeks and come with different lift options.
  • You can wear a corset to make you appear shapely and slimmer. A corset also provides a great deal of support for your back and breasts. By wear a corset will add even more shape and further accentuate your cleavage due to the extra tension. Your waist will appear smaller than it really is and your booty will look a lot bigger!
  • Pencil skirt and straight skirt. Pencil skirt is the best weapon to have for a smokin’ behind. Pencil skirt hugs your hips and bum and follows the curve of your thighs before narrowing at the knee. The other is a straight skirt. Straight skirt is better suited for those who are extra curvy as it is better at containing the thighs than a pencil skirt. This type of skirt is similar in shape but it does not narrow at the knees.
  • High heels will push your fanny out slightly and make you stand up straighter, making your fanny appear more prominent. The skinnier and higher the heel, the more pronounced your bum will look.


There are several techniques, other remedies, and approaches you can take to enhancing the size and shape of your buttocks naturally. It is easy to get big, round and sexy looking butt. You can add 2 inches or more to your butt with a minimum of effort and make your booty look really sexy.

how to get a bigger butt

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how to get a bigger butt

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